How to Know if You Should Sell Your

Winston-Salem Investment Property

It may be difficult to determine whether it is the perfect time to sell your Winston-Salem investment property as you monitor market fluctuations and take into account any modifications that could be required for your real estate portfolio. If you have chosen wise investments, you are probably now in a position to either hang onto the property or sell it, depending on what direction you’re taking your investment portfolio. Otherwise, your choice could be influenced by changes in the market.

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We will look at ways to decide whether you should sell your Winston-Salem, North Carolina investment property.

Is Your Investment Property Location in Demand?

Are local sales booming or just starting to pick up? You can determine if you should sell your Winston-Salem investment property by looking at the area’s current demand. When a community is developing, you may highlight the benefits that are now luring purchasers there and show them the indications of a fresh start in the neighborhood. On the other hand, if the location is deteriorating and crime rates are on the rise, it could be best to leave while you can still make a respectable profit and minimize your losses.


What Is Your Investment Property ROI?

Another technique to determine if you should sell your Winston-Salem investment property is to look at the ROI. Is your property cash flowing?  Has the value of your investment property appreciated sharply?  Selling makes sense if your asset is not performing to your standards.

You may do the figures with the assistance of seasoned professionals like Kim and Tony Green, hybrid investor agents at TKG Property Buyers, to see whether there is another place your money would be better used. TKG Property Buyers will provide you with the knowledge you need to make the best choice for you by outlining the differences in the earnings you would get from a direct sale vs a traditional sale on the market.


Financial Incentives of Selling Your Investment Property

Would selling the property enable you to act faster to take advantage of a superior 1031 tax-deferred exchange opportunity? A savvy investor understands that when they find a better income producing property it might be time to sell.

Selling your Winston-Salem investment property might make sense when taxes can be deferred and knowing you can get a higher return on your investment with a superior property. Additionally, a hybrid agent investor that buys directly from you, like TKG Property Buyers, may assist you in finding a property to buy for your like-kind exchange while also purchasing your property.

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Individual Motivators

One way to know you should sell your Winston-Salem investment property is if you suddenly find yourself needing to sell off due to personal circumstances or a financial emergency. Maybe you are tired of dealing with bad tenants or making repairs to your rental property after renters have damaged your property. Now imagine that time is now a factor. In such a scenario, a sale to an investor like TKG Property Buyers, can be the ideal alternative for you as we have the backing of cash and can guarantee a closure in just a few weeks without dealing with showings or interrupting your tenant. If you are not quite ready, however, we will wait; just select your date. In addition, you will save time, money, and effort by foregoing the whole preparation, listing, and showing process since TKG Property Buyers buys houses in as-is condition.


We Buy Winston-Salem Houses

You may consider the criteria discussed above to know if it’s the right time to sell your investment property.   If so, TKG Property Buyers can assist you in buying your Winston-Salem investment property right now.   Or if your investment property is in great condition, you may want to list it for sale on the MLS.  Either way, Kim and Tony Green, can help you.

Ask about our current selection of the top investment homes in Winston-Salem if purchasing another property is the next stage in your investment plan. TKG Property Buyers will give you a fair offer if you decide to sell straight to us because we want you to be happy with the transaction long beyond the closure. TKG Property Buyers is a local company run by people who live and work in the Winston-Salem area.

Kim and Tony Green, TKG Property Buyers, buy Winston-Salem homes

Kim or Tony are glad to respond to any inquiries you have without putting you under any pressure.  If they aren’t able to help you, they are glad to refer you to someone who can.

You can reach Kim and Tony by calling/texting us at 336.701.2891.  We provide solutions to your real estate problems.

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